Flying From the Nest

It was was a hot August day, two years ago this summer. Our daughter was going to Auburn University and going through rush, so she had to move in a little early. It was such a hot day. My poor husband and children were drenched with sweat. I was busy inside the new room (on […]

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Thanks, Infertility! {Infertility Awareness}

My oldest child turned five this week. It is almost embarrassing how hard we celebrate this kid’s birth. This week was full of gifts, cake, ice cream, and balloons. To mark this special occasion, the twins and I may have even woken him up singing “Happy Birthday” while dressed up in Power Ranger costumes. That’s […]

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Three Family Habits to Observe Earth Day, Each Day

Earth Day is here, and I have recently been wondering, does this global environmental movement get the recognition it deserves? Each year my children have come home from school with an Earth Day art project that I neatly stashed away in the closet, only thinking about how adorable their prize works were, but never really thinking about the true meaning […]

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