Houses of History

I’m an old soul — an unapologetic old soul. My college minor was theater (costume design). I love old clothes, old houses — really, anything having to do with history, especially related to Birmingham. I love walking through historic districts and imagining what life was like when these houses were built. I find it inspiring. […]

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House renovation with kids

How to Survive a Home Renovation with Kids

If you told me 10 years ago that I would purchase a complete fixer-upper and renovate it, I would have called you crazy. I like new things, shiny and clean. Yet here I am, deep in “Phase II” of our mid-century renovation. That’s right, renovating it once wasn’t enough. You see, open concept is good in theory. But as each […]

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The Summer They Still Belonged to Me

Eight, six, five, and three years old — those are the ages of my four boys this summer. In some ways it seems like I have very “big kids,” and in other ways its seems like they are all still so young. They are big enough to no longer need naps, no more diaper changes […]

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My Postpartum Health Journey :: Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Headed

Welcome! I am so glad you have an opportunity to join me on my adventure in postpartum health and wellness. Since having my son eight months ago, my body has changed significantly. I’m perpetually unsure of what is happening inside my abdomen and continuously sweating. I’ve also developed an odd relationship with dairy products that […]

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