A Child’s First Visit to the Dentist :: What to Expect

We are happy to partner with Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry to bring you this information. This post is sponsored, but we wouldn’t bring you anything we didn’t think you’d find beneficial!Did you know the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends children have their first dental exam by one year or within six months of the […]

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Parenting a Threenager

10 Signs You Might Be Parenting a Threenager

Our home has been in full-blown threenager mode for eight months now and looking back, I only thought I had it rough the first go-around. Child number two has definitely turned me into a veteran threenager survivor. Growing up, I always heard “ohhhhh terrible twos,” but no; “terrible twos” has nothing on a threenager. So, […]

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You Can Find Me in the Gauntlet

It’s official. I’ve been dropped off at the Step-Parenting Gauntlet against my will. All my naivety is out the door! Emotions have boiled over, feelings have made themselves very known, and I’m standing here like, “Can I get a map or directions on how to find my way through this new place?” To all the […]

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Parenting Really Is Hard!

I want to tell you all a secret. Before I had my daughter, I didn’t think parenting would be hard. In fact, I thought it would be pretty easy. I’ll give you a minute to rein in your laughter. It’s embarrassing to admit how delusional I was back then, but I’m going to anyway. I […]

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