Five Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

There are some things that aren’t well-known about pregnancy. This probably applies to first-time moms more so than veteran moms. It’s not all cute, but I’m here to share the truth with the ladies who were like me. I know, I know. “Read a book!” Well, my rookie butt decided that I didn’t need to read a book because everything about pregnancy is Google-able. I also naively thought, “Oh, other moms will share their stories of pregnancy with me and I’ll be fine!” Wrong. Very wrong. Here’s my list of five things that I wish I had known about, before pregnancy.

1. You don’t automatically develop a cute pregnancy belly.  

Seems like I would’ve understood this concept and to a certain extent, I did, but I expected it to form a lot earlier than it actually did. At around four months along, I started Googling “Why don’t I look pregnant at 16 weeks?” Apparently it takes a little longer for first-time moms to show because our stomach ligaments aren’t loosened up yet. And then there’s the whole “All women will develop differently.” My thoughts at the time of reading that: “Oh … is that so? So, you’re telling me I have to be patient? Psshhhhtt! Fine!” I’m finally starting to “pop” and I’m six months along. One of my co-workers and friends asked me early on if I was out of the “looking like a popped can of biscuits stage yet”. Bless her! She understood and made me feel so much better about how I was growing.  

2. Sneezing is one of my new worst fears.

Sneezing? Really? YES! Apparently my bladder doesn’t (and will never again) operate the way it used to. I think you know where this is going. In addition to this, my husband is also no longer allowed to tickle attack me.  

3. My hunger waits for no one.

If we have dinner plans, you better be on time! There is no such thing as waiting politely to eat anymore. I knew I’d be hungry while my body was developing this tiny human inside me, but I really underestimated the power of pregnancy hunger. When I’m hungry, I have to eat and I have to eat what I want. I don’t settle for ramen in the pantry anymore. My latest obsession is pimento cheese dip. I’ve had it three times this week. Pray for me.

4. I’m constantly on the lookout for new chin hairs.

Another ugly side to pregnancy is this doozie! Early on in this pregnancy, I started to develop a lot of unwanted chin hair. I keep the tweezers on the counter now for my nightly search in the mirror. You’re goin’ down, chin hairs!  

5. I can still sleep on my belly.

I figured I’d be sleeping with my pregnancy pillow every night by now, due to the fact that I’m a belly sleeper. Not true! At 6 months in, I’m still sleeping like I always have. I don’t know how much longer this will last, but I did read that if I’m comfortable, I can sleep this way the entire pregnancy. SCORE!  

These things may not happen in every pregnancy. I don’t wish chin hairs or a weak bladder on anyone, but just in case, I hope this list helps out some moms-to-be … or is hilariously familiar for you veteran moms. Not everything is all angry hunger and chin hairs. There are some really great perks to being pregnant. This video explains some of those things. Enjoy!

What were your biggest surprises in pregnancy?

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