3 Common Skin Issues in Children and When to Seek Treatment

This information is sponsored by our partners at Skin Wellness Center. We appreciate their excellent staff taking time to educate us!

3 common skin issues in children and when to seek help

One thing we appreciate about our partners at Skin Wellness Center is the diversity of their clientele. When you hear dermatology, you may immediately think of adults, but there are several areas in which the practice is a huge help to babies and children. I recently spoke with Dr. Corey Hartman about the most common conditions he sees in his youngest patients, what parents should watch for, and how Skin Wellness Center is able to help when treatment is needed.


By definition, eczema is a condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed. Dr. Hartman explained that this is common in babies, and in many cases it goes away on its own. If any of these factors exist, however, further treatment should be explored.

  • The itchy/dry skin is persistent.
  • There is family history of eczema.
  • Typical baby products (think about what you received at your shower or got at the hospital when the baby was born) aren’t helping the dryness.

The goal of eczema treatment is to eliminate or reduce the flare ups. The key is to build a proper skin regimen, and that takes the help of a dermatologist and specialized products if what you’ve tried at home isn’t providing relief.

Cradle Cap

AKA: Baby dandruff. Cradle cap is that scaly, crusty stuff that flakes off of babies’ heads, and it can be extremely difficult to get rid of. (Ask me how I know.) It’s a form of yeast on the skin, and while harmless, it can be frustrating. If the things you’ve tried on your own haven’t worked, cradle cap is something a dermatologist can treat. 

Molluscum Cantagiosum

Put simply, molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection like warts. This is a condition most pediatricians don’t treat, so it’s important to seek a dermatologist’s help. The virus presents itself as small, raised, firm bumps that are often painless but may itch. The virus is contagious, and those carrying it are prone to infection if they scratch the bumps. If left untreated, moluscum cantagiosum can take years to go away, but the good news is that the treatment the doctors at Skin Wellness Center use helps boost children’s immune systems as a side effect on top of treating the infection!

Why Skin Wellness Center 

3 common skin issues in children - doctors at Skin Wellness Center

The doctors at Skin Wellness Center

When I asked Dr. Hartman what sets Skin Wellness Center apart, he explained that the mission of each staff member is to provide individualized care. The staff takes significant time with each patient, customizing a treatment plan around his or her specific needs. The doctors at Skin Wellness Center make it their goal to eliminate the need for extended care when conditions aren’t chronic, committing to solutions for each patient.

Skin Wellness Center has offices in Homewood and Chelsea. If you have questions, the office would be happy to take your call at (205) 871-7332, or you can request an appointment online.

Skin conditions are common, but they are treatable. We moms want the best for our kids, particularly when it comes to setting them up for strong health. Fortunately, Skin Wellness Center is available to help us do just that.


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