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School may be calling your name louder and louder, but make no mistake; the fall leaves are not rustling just yet. It is still HOT as hades in Birmingham and will be for a while. Beat the heat, and eek out the innocence of summer by visiting one (or all!) of our area splash pads. You will be a hero!

  1. Birmingham Zoo Splash Pad – This splash pad is just past the zoo entrance so zoo admission IS required. The splash pad serves as the perfect place to quickly cool off after a hot day of zoo trekking or, for those of us who have annual passes, the splash pad can be the destination itself. While the con of this one may be that there is a price attached, the pros of this one are that it is shady(!!!) and very accessible to the parking lot and restrooms and cafe. Plus, it’s usually not too crowded. There are also some animal statues just behind the splash pad, and sometimes my daughter has the most fun just climbing on those and watching the big kids play.Birmingham splash pads - Birmingham zoo
  2. Liberty Park Splash Pad – Props to Vestavia for building this beautiful new facility last year. This splash pad is located at the Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex (across the street from all the ball fields) and is free. The pros of this splash pad are that it is adjacent to restrooms and gazebo (would be great for a summer birthday party!), a park, and a playground (best for older kids). The cons would be that, apart from the gazebo, there is no shade and there are also a ton of stairs to climb up and down from the parking lot.
  3. Gardendale Splash Pad – This park is located at Celebration Park, adjacent to a big playground, and there are also gazebos that can be rented for birthday parties, reunions, etc. I have not yet been here, and I can’t wait to go in the next few weeks. It looks awesome! Apart from potential crowds, it looks like an all-around winner!
  4. Midfield Splash Pad – Located at Midfield City Park, there is also a gazebo here that can be rented. This is another one that I have not yet visited so readers, please share your tips and observations!
  5. Leeds Splash Pad – If you are reading this and are a Leeds resident, you probably already know about this one. Located by Leeds City Hall, this splash pad is just for Leeds residents, and you must show an ID.

A few pointers for your splash pad outing:

  • Be sure to check the park’s website/Facebook before you head out for that day’s hours! 
  • When in doubt, wear a swim diaper!!! (This is in consideration of ALL the other families who will be using that space.)
  • All of these have a playground/other park attractions nearby, so definitely pack a change of clothes and some stable shoes for each of your kiddos.
  • Splash pads can get slippery + they will bring out the craziness in kids, so wear your swimsuit too and come prepared to actively oversee/play with your kids! You will have a blast!Birmingham splash pads - beat the heat this summer!

Lather up that sunscreen, and have a great time! Make the most of these last few weeks of grueling summer.

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