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I was born and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and have called Birmingham my home for the last 19 years. The high humidity, scorching hot summers, and pollen covering EVERYTHING were just a few things I had to adjust to. I think my eyes stayed red for an entire year from allergies! After all these years, I’m still learning about this city and its rich history. I had no idea this beautiful city would become my permanent home until I got married.


My husband and I met while working at Century Plaza Mall (oh, the memories) and have been married for 13 years. We are truly blessed to parent our two children, Myles (10) and Tamia (7). As a full-time working mother, work/life balance is always a challenge. I haven’t completely figured it out, but I make our schedule work for us. Along this journey of motherhood, I love experiencing life through the eyes of my kids. They remind me of the simple things and to continuously have fun.

What brings me joy in life (besides my family) is experiencing new things. I’ll try just about anything at least once. We love to travel; and locally you will find me at one of my kids’ activities, tending to my herbs and vegetables (which I need to do better), and just having fun. 

I realized while selecting a picture that I was looking for the perfect O’Neals, as I’m sure all moms do. I wanted a picture with all four of us smiling, in cute outfits, and the best background setting. I’m not sure that picture exists, so I settled on these two which describe us. The first is us taking the kids to their first off-Broadway show. The Lion King was amazing and if you haven’t seen it, please go. The second was part of the first day of school photo shoot. My daughter is very affectionate. My son won’t push her away but could do without so many hugs every day. He’s settled on two a day (morning and before bed), yet I think she was over her limit by the time we took this picture! 

Remember, everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect!


As we travel on this journey of motherhood, I can only hope to share encouragement for the next mother. My blogs will cover a multitude of topics, but you can always expect that I’ll share the joys, struggles, celebrations, and failures of my journey.  I look forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts with you.

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  1. Veronica September 12, 2018 at 10:19 am #

    She’s an awesome lady I’ve known her just about as long as she’s been in Birmingham beautiful spirit inside and out

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