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My first visit to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with my mom

Birmingham hasn’t always been home, but it’s felt that way for as long as I can remember. Growing up with relatives in Birmingham, it was often the destination of choice for holidays and summers for my Florida family. The rolling hills and basement homes were a novelty to the sea-level living I was used to. We enjoyed trips to the Botanical Gardens, Birmingham Zoo, and what was then the area’s hottest new shopping experience . . . the Galleria. We were always so thrilled to make the trip to the Magic City. There’s just something homey about this place. Since I had grown up loving Birmingham, I was excited to be able to attend the University of Montevallo and be even closer. After my first year in college, I just had a hunch I’d always live nearby. Finally, in 2005, I was thrilled to be hired as a speech pathologist at a local hospital and could officially call Birmingham home!


Three’s a crowd!

I have three young children ages six, four, and two. Since Ben, Mamie, and Phils are so close in age, many days are a countdown to nap o’clock or a survival-of-the-fittest scenario ’til bedtime. When my oldest was 12 months, I took a temporary retirement from speech pathology to be home with him and before we knew it, the other two came along, completing our family of five. A few million diapers later, here they are getting all big with the ever-present hashtags of #blessed and #dontblink looming in the back of my mind. Having children has been one of the delights of my life, but wow . . . it’s hard! There are times when I have no idea what I’m doing with these little ones, but that keeps me humbled to ask for help. Ultimately, my husband and I trust that God cares for our kids way more than we do and that He will be ever-present with us as we parent them. 


Fun at my first BMB event!

At the end of the day, we all want the best for our little ones. I’m privileged to be able to lend a voice to this arena of thoughts and ideas that fosters a camaraderie in mothering here in our little corner of the world. Over the past eighteen months, I’ve watched BMB grow into a unique community of women who, while extremely different in many ways, share one main passion: mothering well. There’s a lot out there that tells us this  job is a fierce competition, but I’m confident that we can all tell a different story.  


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