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One thing you will likely learn as we get to know each other on BMB, is that by nature, I am a planner. However, as I look back, many of what I count as my greatest blessings have come about through unexpected turns taking me exactly where I needed to be.  

Birmingham is no exception.  

For the past eight years, I lived in Cincinnati, OH, the Queen City. I attended law school at the University of Cincinnati. After graduating, I practiced law while my husband attended UC for medical school. As his time in medical school came to an end and we considered residency programs, I knew there was a chance we would move. However, I had no idea just how far that move would take us.  

On March 16, 2018, my husband Ben matched at UAB. We were thrilled! While at the beginning of the process neither of us thought we’d end up in Birmingham (more on that later), it had become our top choice.  

On June 17, 2018, we packed up our young family and traded the Queen City for the Magic City. While we’ve only been here for a few short months, Birmingham already feels like home. I can’t imagine a better place to find our village and raise our boys.  


I am currently mom to Jackson Wilder (2 1/2), my joyful, persistent, kind-hearted, and always-curious explorer, and Leo Scott (8 months), my expressive, determined, and always-smiling sweet-natured boy. I always knew I’d love being a mom, I just didn’t know how much.  

Hands down, being those boys’ mama is my greatest joy. But parenting is hard. Really hard. It is relentless. It is energizing and exhausting, it is exhilarating and frustrating, and it is life-changing in more ways than I could have ever understood. However, despite the many ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Parenting is not about perfection (you, your spouse, or your kids). It is about adaptation. This is something I am increasingly thankful for as I am adapting to my new job as a “Pediatric Engineer” as my mother calls it — a job which I often feel grossly under-qualified for. After practicing law for five years and working full-time outside of the home, I decided to stay at home with the boys when we moved due to studying for the Alabama Bar and my husband’s unpredictable schedule.

During this time of change, now more than ever, I am thankful for each new day. I am thankful that each day brings a new opportunity for me to learn and strive to be the best momma I can be for these two wonderfully magical boys I have been entrusted with raising.   


You always hear that it takes a village to raise a child. In my experience, I think that village is more for the parents’ benefit than the child’s. With blogs like BMB, many parents have a village that extends beyond family, friends, and co-workers. All you’d need to do is review my Google searches during my son’s early morning feedings, or look through my recent Amazon order history to see how much I value the words of other moms — whether they be in blogs, magazines, or books.  

I am thrilled to be a BMB contributor and to join this amazing team of mamas that make up our village here in Birmingham. I am excited to learn from them and from you.  

As a BMB contributor, I hope my words and unique perspective make you smile during those sleepless nights that seem to accompany being a parent. By writing about the ins and outs of my experiences as a mama, I hope my words assure you that you’re not alone. I’m right there with you, Mama, cheering you on the whole way!

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