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I Raised a Potty Mouth (and I’m Okay with That)

Some people smoke, others hoard Skittles, and some — like me — have a potty mouth. I use my colorful vocabulary to express my frustration in traffic or to add emphasis to a dramatic story. I use it to make sure everyone within earshot knows I stubbed my toe or broke a glass. I don’t […]

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Talk to your kids about sex

Tough Conversations with Kids :: Preparing for “The Talk”

We have partnered with Children’s of Alabama to bring you this helpful and encouraging information!Nothing strikes quite as much fear in the hearts of parents as the thought of having “the talk” with their child. Amidst the nausea and panic that immediately set in, there are the questions: When do you have it? What do […]

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Mouth Injuries in Children :: What You Need to Know

This content is in partnership with Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry. We are so grateful for Dr. Jeff’s expertise on tough subjects like mouth injuries!We have worked with Dr. Jeff Flannery and his team at Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry since our launch, and one goal of this partnership has been to provide Birmingham families with great information […]

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The Most Dangerous Road Hazard :: Your Teen Driver

“Novice teen drivers are twice as likely as adult drivers to be in a fatal crash. Despite a 46-percent decline in driver fatalities of 15- to 18-year-olds between 2007 and 2016, teens are still significantly over-represented in fatal crashes.” U.S. Department of Transportation Capable Drivers Wanted My dad is a car guy. He loves driving […]

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Lady Bird :: A Cautionary Tale for Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters. Those relationships are the makings of memorable movie moments. Remember Sally Field forcing Julia Roberts to drink juice even as she despairs her daughter’s choice to have a baby? (Steel Magnolias). What about Debra Winger realizing that her challenging mother is the one person who can hold her family together once cancer […]

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