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Five Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

There are some things that aren’t well-known about pregnancy. This probably applies to first-time moms more so than veteran moms. It’s not all cute, but I’m here to share the truth with the ladies who were like me. I know, I know. “Read a book!” Well, my rookie butt decided that I didn’t need to […]

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I’m Not That Mom

I have a confession to make. I don’t like to cuddle, snuggle, or hold hands. I’m not overly sensitive. In fact, I’ve been told I’m not sensitive enough by the opposite sex. This has been on my mind a bit lately, as I’m expecting my first child and I’m halfway through this pregnancy. The most […]

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It was October, but still hotter than hot in good ole Birmingham, AL. Half awake, I stumbled into my bathroom to brush my teeth and shower before my baby woke up for the day. The second the toothpaste hit my mouth, I gagged. Oh, crap …. the last time that happened …… must just be […]

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I Finally Found My Rainbow

This is a short, but oh-so-sweet, post. I’ve posted about my previous miscarriages and shared a little about that journey. It’s been upsetting, maddening, and downright sad at times. Sometimes you just need some good news. I finally received mine on March 15th. I’m pregnant, and this is the furthest I’ve made it in a […]

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