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Now That I See You

Disney came out with the movie Tangled, an adaptation of the story of Rapunzel, in 2010, when I had already graduated from college and was well beyond the Disney princess phase. Now that I am a mom to three girls, however, we’re firmly back in that phase, and I’ve seen the movie approximately one million […]

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What My Miscarriage Taught Me

Coincidentally (or not), the date I opened my computer to type this blog post holds a lot of meaning for me. It is the exact day, three years ago, that our first pregnancy was confirmed as a miscarriage. There is a lot of time that stands in the gap of then and now. However, I […]

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A Fourth Baby and a Gender Surprise

Our family is growing at the end of the summer, with the anticipated arrival of our fourth baby. We are so excited to see how our family changes with the addition of this new little one! We currently have three daughters, and we found out during pregnancy that each one of them was a girl. […]

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