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Now That I See You

Disney came out with the movie Tangled, an adaptation of the story of Rapunzel, in 2010, when I had already graduated from college and was well beyond the Disney princess phase. Now that I am a mom to three girls, however, we’re firmly back in that phase, and I’ve seen the movie approximately one million […]

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It’s OK To Not Feel OK :: 5 Ways to Support Your Maternal Mental Health

Remember adolescence? Raging hormonal shifts. Rapid physical growth and development. Significant changes in roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Reconfiguring social support with family and friends. As a society, we generally understand these changes and make reasonable accommodations for young people coming of age. What we often overlook is another point in human development marked by these […]

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The Fourth Trimester :: There is Help

We are thankful to our partners at UAB Women’s Services for providing valuable information for this post.The Fourth Trimester I remember the first time I heard the term “fourth trimester”: the 12 weeks following childbirth. I was right in the middle of it myself, and thought, “Yes! That’s a brilliant term to describe what’s going on […]

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