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Mourning the Loss of My Never Babies

I had never cried myself to sleep until the night we came home from Bobby’s vasectomy consultation. Let me remind you, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer not too terribly long ago and never once did I cry myself to sleep over that. Were there some sleepless nights? Sure. But it was truly […]

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{You’re Invited} Bloom : An Event for New and Expecting Moms in Birmingham

Birmingham Moms Blog is thrilled to announce that we are bringing Bloom to our city! We are linking arms with the City Moms Blog Network {our parent site} as well as 50 other Sister Sites across the nation to celebrate moms as they enter into motherhood for the first, second, third, or more time! This exclusive event is […]

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Farewell to My Weekends

A Farewell Letter to My Weekends

My Dearest Weekends, I’m writing this letter with utmost regret. I’m afraid the time has finally come to bid you adieu. I’ve been avoiding this day for as long as possible, but the tiny dictators who rule the rest of my life have decided to play soccer this spring. So, my dear old friend, we […]

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Dental Health for Multiple Children :: It’s Still Important

We are happy to partner with Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry to bring you this information. This post is sponsored, but we wouldn’t bring you anything we didn’t think you’d find beneficial! February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and we have some great information from Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry on caring for not only your […]

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Newborn baby's hand resting on his father's rough working hands.

When Love Isn’t Romantic

So, a marketing director marries a chicken farmer . . . It’s not the start to some off-color joke. (Or is it?) It’s not the script for the Green Acres reboot. It’s my life. Our life. Eight years ago this month, I met my hard-working He-Man of a husband, Bobby, and life has been down-home country […]

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What do you do? A question some SAHMs dread.

Guilt of a Stay-at-Home Mom

“What does Mommy do?” I heard my husband innocently ask my 4-year-old son as dread washed over me awaiting his response. Such a simple question that I’ve been asked countless times before at cocktail parties and social gatherings. Not so long ago, I would confidently answer, “I’m in marketing.” The conversation would easily continue as […]

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