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The Game of MASH :: Contentment and Learning to Flourish Where You Are Planted

Who remembers the game of MASH? For those who aren’t familiar, allow me to explain. MASH is an acronym for Mansion/Apartment/Shack/House. It’s a game of fortune predicting an extravagant and a very unlikely future for yourself. On a piece of paper, you would create categories and list your dream life (including your ideal job, husband, […]

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A Craft for Mom :: DIY Welcome Mat

The seasons are a changin’, which means a new reason to decorate! If your front porch has been feeling a little drab lately, turn it into FAB with this fun DIY welcome mat!  Materials :: Plain welcome mat: I got mine from Ikea, but you can also find them at Target! Paint: I picked up […]

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Tips for No-stress Party Planning!

It’s inevitable. Birthdays come around every single year. What doesn’t have to be inevitable is the stress that sometimes comes along with planning a party. In our family we keep things small. There are no parties with 40 people, or a bounce house, or trendy venues in town. Though those are a lot of fun, […]

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3 Mom Hacks for Storing Kids’ Artwork

Brace yourselves, Mommas. The end of the school year is upon us. If you are like any other red blooded Momma in the world, your dining room table, refrigerator door, bedside table, junk drawer and — let’s be honest — trashcan are overflowing with your delightful progeny’s latest masterpieces. All year long, Junior has been skipping […]

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