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Thanksgiving Day

Grace and Grandparents

In honor of Grandparents Day, I thought I would talk about Thanksgiving — because when I think about my grandparents, I think about lessons of grace learned around the holiday table. Thanksgiving. A time to pack up whatever station wagon or van my father had acquired and head to Wisconsin, first from Richmond, Virginia, and […]

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BMB eggs

Easter 2017 :: The Aftermath

Easter 2017 was picture perfect. The Easter bunny filled our daughters’ baskets, we made it to church, and we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day spending time together as a family.  But the weeks following such a nice holiday weekend? A total doozie. The main reason? Approximately 4,291,487 plastic Easter eggs. You see, the weekend before […]

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Three Family Habits to Observe Earth Day, Each Day

Earth Day is here, and I have recently been wondering, does this global environmental movement get the recognition it deserves? Each year my children have come home from school with an Earth Day art project that I neatly stashed away in the closet, only thinking about how adorable their prize works were, but never really thinking about the true meaning […]

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