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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Life With Food Allergies :: A Way of Life {Part 2}

Today, Amy continues sharing her family’s journey and how their way of life has been impacted by her son’s severe peanut allergy. Yesterday, she helped us understand the reality of a food allergy diagnosis. You can read Part 1 here. Managing Food Allergies: A Way of Life There are highs and lows. You have to […]

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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Life With Food Allergies :: The Reality {Part 1}

Being a mom is never easy. There is always mom guilt and wondering if you are doing it right. Throw in a potentially life-threatening medical condition, like food allergies, and get ready for a roller coaster of emotions. The Diagnosis No one ever wants to hear, “Your child is allergic to peanuts. You will need […]

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Real Food Review :: Tropicaleo

Recently, I found myself running errands downtown with my mom (Gabi) and Biscuit around lunch time. Since it was a Monday, most of the local downtown restaurants were closed. After my usual Google search for places that can meet my dining requirements (gluten-free, organic, etc.), I remembered that the Pizitz Food Hall had recently opened. We decided to […]

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Technology Time-Out: Put those Devices in the Corner and Let’s Get Artsy

Over the years, the advancement of technology has been amazing! I mean come on… Where would we be without our smartphones, smart watches, or tablets?! We are living in one of the most creative and innovative times ever, because we literally have access to information and entertainment right at our fingertips.   I will be the […]

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Real Food Review :: The Alabama Biscuit Company

In case you missed my introduction post, I am excited to be sharing with you my Birmingham dining experiences and options for people with different allergies or diets. My posts will also feature some of my favorite easy and yummy recipes that are great for busy moms and picky kids!  To begin, I am sharing […]

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New Traditions for St. Patrick’s Day {Free Printable}

I love holidays. I love celebrating with my family. I love making memories. I love starting new fun traditions with my little ones.  You get it. I LOVE all things holidays! That includes St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t realize how much fun and how meaningful of a holiday it could be until I had my own children. St. […]

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