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Three Generations of Tough-Love

Three Generations My great-grandmother became a mom at age 17, and she gave lots of motherly advice to my grandmother, who became a mom at 20. She called it a mother’s “tough-love.” She was able to pass on this motherly advice to her daughters when they became new moms. While I did not have the […]

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Creating Magical Holiday Traditions

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Ahh, the holidays . . . undoubtedly my favorite time of the year. I love all things Thanksgiving and Christmas, from planning holiday meals to belting out Christmas tunes to trimming the Christmas tree. I am here for it all! And, having children makes the holiday season […]

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Victim to Victor :: Overcoming Domestic Violence

Imagine a relationship. In the beginning everything is wonderful. Opening doors, buying gifts, a honeymoon so to speak. Then all of a sudden, things change. There is verbal abuse — name calling; emotional abuse — mind games, manipulation; and the physical abuse — hitting, punching, pushing. The victim says they are going to leave and […]

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Welcoming A Baby When It’s Not Your First

My favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan, has a set where he introduces himself by stating that he has just become a father. Wild applause follows. He then clarifies that he just became a father for the fourth time. This time, the announcement is met not with catcalls but instead with deafening silence. Of course he makes […]

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Why We Need Unplugged Slumber Parties

My two oldest girls recently had slumber parties to celebrate their birthdays. They each have the sweetest groups of friends, and I adore their mamas. As they planned their parties, we talked about decorations, food, games, getting to swim in our new pool, and where everyone wanted to sleep. The one thing I didn’t plan […]

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Sharing the Reading Bug

I love books. I love books so much we have a wall lined with a shelf stuffed to the brim with additional stacks around the house. (In my opinion, it’s not hoarding if you are “collecting” books and plan to read them.) Barnes & Noble, the library, and The Little Professor are my go-to places […]

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Grandparents' Day

An Open Letter to My Daughter on Grandparents’ Day

Dear Daughter (a.k.a. mother of my granddaughter), Please don’t spend your money on a Grandparents’ Day card for us this year. Spend it on gas.  Hop in the car and drive that baby girl (okay, toddler) up to visit her grandparents. It’ll be a gift for both of us.  You can take a much-deserved break […]

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