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From the Nurse :: A Crash Course in Kids’ Sports Injuries

Sports are the “thing” at our house. Someone is playing a sport every season, whether it’s softball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, or volleyball — our girls are into it if there is a competition involved. Our adult social lives are practically non-existent because our response is so often, “I can’t . . . my kid has […]

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12 Fun At-Home Activities for Surviving Summer (with Sanity)

SHOUT OUT to all you amazing Mommas!!! The time is here, friends. That’s right. The day has come when school is over for three months, toddlers are running amuck, and we will no longer have time to care about the newest Unicorn drink at Starbucks because we will be busy driving our Hot Mess Expresses all over town to the [insert […]

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Relay Running — Seriously, I Couldn’t Do It Alone

I ran a couple of half marathons before having kids, and after that, I thought, “Yeah, I’m good — glad that’s out of my system!”  But I still enjoy running shorter races for a number of reasons: first and foremost, because I LOVE having my kids come watch, cheer, and be inspired to do this […]

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2018 Summer Camp Guide

Are your kids counting down the days until summer vacation? Of course, moms know that there’s a direct correlation between school’s end and the increase in the usage of the word bored. Not this year! The Birmingham area has a plethora of amazing camp opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities. We would love to help you find [...]
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5 Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Opera

When we think of opera, you may think of elaborate stage performances like The Marriage of Figaro, or Madame Butterfly and you may not immediately think of opera as a kids’ activity. However, when I sat down with Keith Wolfe, General Director at Opera Birmingham, he shared that not only is opera a great activity for aspiring musicians, there […]

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Top 5 Indoor Activities to keep kids busy this winter

Top Five Indoor Activities in Birmingham

Winter is coming. Cliché, I know, but there is an impending sense of doom in the chilly air. The holiday cheer that winter brings is gone just as quickly as it comes, leaving only cold and limited sunlight behind. For parents, winter is all about finding creative ways to expend our kids’ endless energy supplies. […]

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