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12 Fun At-Home Activities for Surviving Summer (with Sanity)

SHOUT OUT to all you amazing Mommas!!! The time is here, friends. That’s right. The day has come when school is over for three months, toddlers are running amuck, and we will no longer have time to care about the newest Unicorn drink at Starbucks because we will be busy driving our Hot Mess Expresses all over town to the [insert […]

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True Confessions of a Recovering Control Addict {Brought to You by Potty Training}

Before I became a mom, I knew I was a self-proclaimed perfectionist, craved planning and organization, and loved structure. I could hold my own in a classroom of fifth graders and was praised for having positive classroom management skills; however, nothing shed light on my intense need for control like motherhood.  The Beginning When we […]

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I Wasted A Day

Two weeks ago, I went for my twenty-second chemotherapy treatment. It has become old hat to show up, be told my bloodwork was great, get hooked up, and sit for four-ish hours while drugs pour into my body to continue to eat away the breast cancer that had taken up residence in my left boob […]

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