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When Our Babies Grow Up

Recently, when putting my two oldest daughters to bed, the younger one suddenly, out of the blue, sobbed that, “My legs hit the edge of this bed and it hurts, Mama. Why won’t you get me a big bed?!” My first instinct was to correct the complaining and remind her that we ask for things, […]

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“Bye Bye, Mama!”

Motherhood One morning this amazing, little human stood at her classroom door showing bravery everywhere but on her face. She waved to me with all five fingers scrunched and said, “Bye bye, Mama!” Yet when my eyes met hers, she was starting to get tears and I saw that big ol’ bottom lip poke out. […]

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Relay Running — Seriously, I Couldn’t Do It Alone

I ran a couple of half marathons before having kids, and after that, I thought, “Yeah, I’m good — glad that’s out of my system!”  But I still enjoy running shorter races for a number of reasons: first and foremost, because I LOVE having my kids come watch, cheer, and be inspired to do this […]

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