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When Breastfeeding Chooses You

If you had told me a year ago that I would share pictures of my breastfeeding journey, or nurse Polly in public, or nurse her at all, I would have called you a liar. I had very strong ideas about how this third round of parenting would go, and breastfeeding was not on my radar. […]

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Breastfeeding as a Mama with a Chronic Disease

“Mama milk?” I proposition her, as she sheepishly stares and soft-smiles at me. She goes towards the goods and acts as if she is about to latch on. Just as she gets close enough, she smiles, laughs, and says, “No thank you, mama!” in her toddler-like speech.  It’s become a game now, this process of […]

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The Blessed Struggle of Overproduction

I can honestly say that I never saw myself writing a blog about breastfeeding. If my husband sees this, his face will probably turn bright red (like mine is . . . right now). But, I had a struggle with nursing that I was not prepared for and felt ashamed to talk about. I overproduced […]

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A Tale of Two Ta-Tas :: My Two Very Different Breastfeeding Experiences

Breastfeeding. That word will either conjure up beautiful memories of nurturing, bonding, and nourishing your baby, or it will make you cringe and remind you of feelings of failure, inadequacy, and defeat. It’s much like the first paragraph of the literary classic, A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was […]

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{2018 RECAP} Bloom :: An Event for New and Expecting Moms in Birmingham

Special thanks to Ashley Matteo Photography and Ashley Lauren Studios for capturing all of the beautiful photos of the evening.  [wooslider slider_type="attachments" limit="20" thumbnails="default"] To say that this year's Bloom event was a success would be an understatement, and we would like to thank all of the attendees and sponsors who made this event an [...]
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My Take on the Itzy Ritzy Feeding Support Pillow (And Why You’re Going to Want One!)

We are happy to introduce you to an amazing new product from Itzy Ritzy! In exchange for a complimentary feeding pillow, the author has provided her honest review.The Need of the Hour The newest addition to our family had just arrived: a four-day-old sweet bundle of all things that smell powdery and baby-y (swoon). Like […]

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{You’re Invited} Bloom : An Event for New and Expecting Moms in Birmingham

Birmingham Moms Blog is thrilled to announce that we are bringing Bloom to our city! We are linking arms with the City Moms Blog Network {our parent site} as well as 50 other Sister Sites across the nation to celebrate moms as they enter into motherhood for the first, second, third, or more time! This exclusive event is […]

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Strangers Fed My Son for a Year

It is super fitting and kind of ironic (don’tcha think?) that I am pouring the last bag of breast milk into a bottle for my sixteen-month-old son today. You see, a year ago yesterday, I found out I had breast cancer. A few weeks later, I had to stop breastfeeding my then five month old, […]

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