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Leaving Birmingham :: What I’ll Miss Most

Birmingham. B’ham, The Ham, The 205, The Magic City, Steel City . . . whatever adoring nickname you prefer, it’s a wonderful city. Recently, my family and I moved away from Birmingham, my hometown and comfort zone, to a place called Palmetto, Florida. Palmetto is almost right smack-dab in between Sarasota and Tampa on the […]

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Top Family-Friendly Restaurants in Birmingham

   One of the things I love most about Birmingham is our vibrant culinary scene. Even though our metropolis is relatively small compared to the larger, more well-known “foodie” magnets, we aren’t playin’ around. For goodness’ sake, we’ve got the 2018 James Beard Most Outstanding Restaurant in America winner up in here, y’all!! But today, we […]

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Our Adventure at Alabama Splash Adventure

We were so happy to partner with Alabama Splash Adventure on our contributor family day! Thank you to the park for hosting us! This content is sponsored by Alabama Splash Adventure, but we 100% had a blast and are sharing our true opinions (and our kids’)!I’d never taken my kids to Alabama Splash Adventure (before […]

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Kids Get Arthritis, Too {Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month}

Arthritis, as an umbrella diagnosis, is the leading cause of disability  in the United States. Let that sink in. But why is this fact striking? Because kids get arthritis, too. In an autoimmune disorder, a person’s body attacks itself, causing inflammation and damage to organs and tissues. Autoimmune diseases, while relatively rare in children, require […]

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