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Now That I See You

Disney came out with the movie Tangled, an adaptation of the story of Rapunzel, in 2010, when I had already graduated from college and was well beyond the Disney princess phase. Now that I am a mom to three girls, however, we’re firmly back in that phase, and I’ve seen the movie approximately one million […]

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Sharing the Reading Bug

I love books. I love books so much we have a wall lined with a shelf stuffed to the brim with additional stacks around the house. (In my opinion, it’s not hoarding if you are “collecting” books and plan to read them.) Barnes & Noble, the library, and The Little Professor are my go-to places […]

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Babies don't keep: Goodnight Moon

Babies Don’t Keep: Goodnight Moon

I cried last night. Not the cry-a-single-tear kind, but like a full-on UGLY cry. My face contorted. My husband looked at me like I had lost my marbles. When I tried to explain myself to him, all that came out was drool. My aforementioned husband went to bed at 8:30 p.m. saying he was tired.  […]

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Tips for Flying with a Baby

My husband and I recently took our seven-month-old son to Oklahoma to meet some of his extended family. I was incredibly nervous about flying with him and had visions of my husband pacing the aisle with our wailing baby. However, four flights later, I survived to share my experience. I organized my top pieces of […]

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