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Making the Most of a Middle School IEP

Individualized Education Program I’ve been attending IEP meetings now for 13 years. That’s hard for me to believe as I type this. An IEP (Individualized Education Program) is much more than just a written legal document or plan for your child. It’s like a map. It lays out special education instruction and services your child […]

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The Case for Boarding School

In the South, people always ask about your upbringing. It’s really just polite conversation. Who’s your grandma? Where were you raised? Do you cheer for Auburn or Alabama? Where did you go to high school? That last question always gets me funny looks when I answer. I went to high school at a boarding school […]

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How We Homeschool

I recently wrote about WHY we homeschool. Today I will share HOW we homeschool. There are countless ways to go about it. Every single family does it differently because no two families are exactly alike. I’m simply sharing how we do it, so this isn’t a tutorial for how your family should do it. I […]

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Our Journey to Kindergarten

It really is hard to believe it’s time for our daughter to go to kindergarten. I want to say that I’m prepared for this stage of life, but I’m not. Most of my friends who know me, know that I’ve expressed my readiness for our daughter to spread her wings and be independent on her […]

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