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Hi, Birmingham moms! My name is Alexandra, and while I was born in Florida, it was only a few months before I was on a plane to Birmingham with my mother and I have remained here ever since. Now with a family of my own, it’s often that my husband and I say, there’s really no better place to live! 


2017 – Hunter, Charlie, and me

As I mentioned, Birmingham has been home for pretty much my whole life. My grandfather worked at and retired from Legion Field, and my mother worked at HealthSouth (now UAB Highlands). Lots of stadium dogs and wheelchair races through the hospital fill my childhood memories. Eating dinner at Silvertron Cafe was reserved for special occasions, and I recall seeing Vulcan shine above everyone with his torch blazing green or red. But the city today is not the city of my childhood. While attending college at Birmingham-Southern, I began exploring outside of my comfort zones and my picture of this place grew as this new chapter of revitalization for the city unfolded. 

Since graduating from college, my love for Bham is unwavering. The food. The. FOOD. The end. I can’t get enough and there are not enough hours in the day or days in a week to explore it all! With farmer’s markets, restaurants, festivals, coffee shops, boutiques, and small businesses popping up every day, there is an endless amount of things to explore here. Living in Homewood, we feel like we’re in the thick of it all, and even with our toddler in tow, we can still satisfy our desire for discovering and experiencing the “next big thing” in Birmingham.


Charlie, aka foodbabybham, before diving into the food at one of our favorite places, Farm Bowl Juice.

My husband and I met by chance one night in Birmingham in 2010, and we’ve been together ever since. Now married for over four years, we welcomed our first son, Charlie, in November 2016. Becoming a mom was something I always knew would be a chapter to my life story; however, I had become alright with the idea of motherhood waiting. Well, boy was I shocked when I was just feeling a little off and realized that . . . Surprise! Ready or not, a baby is coming!

Being a mom has been the most terrifying, overwhelming, and yet beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Charlie has blossomed into the most loving little human who enjoys feeling the wind in his curls, the grass between his pudgy little toes, and some good Birmingham food squished between his fingers. While his arrival may have turned our life upside-down, we’re finding our balance. Our house may never be clean and I may never feel rested again, but we are still intentional about doing what we love. We don’t let a toddler slow us down! (Ok, he does slow us down a little . . .)


Blogging has become a recent creative outlet for me as I began a baking blog last year. Being a loud and proud Birmingham-ian, I am thrilled to share my perspective on being a mom in our Magic City. I look forward to sharing all about pursuing passions, finding peace in being a working mom (mom guilt, anyone?), and exposing my love for Birmingham through the evolving food scene.

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