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A Delicious Dinner with Jambalaya Girl

Now at Publix! We teamed up with Jambalaya Girl for this post. This is sponsored content.I have a thing for meal planning. I like to know what I will make each night of the week before I enter the grocery store on Monday morning. Time saving strategies are also important to me when it comes […]

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Hello! I am “Basic”

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mom. Every career choice seemed like a backup plan because I believed–and still believe–that my calling in life is to care for my husband and kids. I dreamed of being the wife who would set the table every […]

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The Terribly Terrific Twos

I currently have an infant and a two year old. Needless to say, there is a lot of crying happening at my house these days. Obviously, that is to be expected from my infant daughter, and I had certainly heard of the expression “terrible twos” before, but I never realized just how much crying (read: […]

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Silver and Gold Friendships

After my husband proposed to me, like many women, I started a Pinterest board of wedding ideas. I love coming up with unique gifts for my friends and family and wanted to give very special gifts to the people I loved who were involved in our big day. One idea that I saw (and loved) […]

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A Perfect Morning at The Market at Pepper Place :: A Saturday Must-Do in Birmingham

For weeks, I was counting down the days until April 13, 2019. Why, you ask? Because it marked the start of the outdoor market season for The Market at Pepper Place! I have been visiting the market regularly for almost ten years so, despite a rainy morning, my husband, kiddos, and I packed up and […]

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I’m Not That Strong :: What I Learned From My High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard. Period. Even a “text book” pregnancy with no complications is challenging. I knew this from my first go-round but, as the last weeks of my second pregnancy fade away, I now know what a “hard” pregnancy feels like. High Risk Let me start by saying that, on the spectrum of high-risk pregnancies, […]

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