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5 Touchdown-Worthy Recipes for Football Season

We are entering into the greatest time of the year. I’m not talking about pumpkin spice lattes or leaves changing from green to shades of autumn, although they fill the void when it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. Football season is upon us, people. Preseason NFL games have already started and now we all wait patiently […]

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Giving Grief Enough Time

This post won’t have any advice or inspirational thoughts, just feelings — raw feelings of utter disappointment. It’s time for me to let them go. I’ve been holding on to them for the past six months and they are taking up room in my head and heart. I could surely use that space for happier […]

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I Insisted on Having an Elective C-Section

I declined the labor of childbirth. Or that’s what my medical reasoning states as to why I chose a cesarean section, according to my obstetrician. It has bothered me since the day I saw her jot down those words on my paperwork for surgery. I could feel my blood pressure rise while my eyebrows began […]

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A Letter to My Son on Veterans Day

To my sweet baby boy, There are so many things I don’t know about you yet. You have yet to make your entrance into this world — about three weeks to go. I don’t know what color your eyes will be or what your smile will look like. I don’t know if you’ll inherit the […]

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Five Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

There are some things that aren’t well-known about pregnancy. This probably applies to first-time moms more so than veteran moms. It’s not all cute, but I’m here to share the truth with the ladies who were like me. I know, I know. “Read a book!” Well, my rookie butt decided that I didn’t need to […]

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