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A Letter to My Best Friend

Hey You, It’s me, saying thank you … again. I know I say it a lot. I think I repeat it so often because those two words aren’t really expressing the depth of my gratitude. And I know you probably think they are a knee-jerk thing I do, another one of the rules for life […]

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Parenting Really Is Hard!

I want to tell you all a secret. Before I had my daughter, I didn’t think parenting would be hard. In fact, I thought it would be pretty easy. I’ll give you a minute to rein in your laughter. It’s embarrassing to admit how delusional I was back then, but I’m going to anyway. I […]

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ADHD Medication Makes Me a Better Mother

This is going to take some explanation, so bear with me while I face some hard truths and explain my mentality in order to get to my point. Medication I don’t like to take medication. Clearly, medication is necessary and I don’t judge people for taking it, but I try to avoid it. Mostly, this […]

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Even Secular Easter Is About Magic

I was going to write about fun ways to celebrate Easter in a non-Christian home, so I asked a friend if she celebrates Easter, hoping for some tips. Her response: “We’re not religious. If you aren’t religious then Easter is just about cheap toys and excessive candy.” Her comment has haunted me since.   I […]

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