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Mourning the Loss of My Never Babies

I had never cried myself to sleep until the night we came home from Bobby’s vasectomy consultation. Let me remind you, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer not too terribly long ago and never once did I cry myself to sleep over that. Were there some sleepless nights? Sure. But it was truly […]

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Newborn baby's hand resting on his father's rough working hands.

When Love Isn’t Romantic

So, a marketing director marries a chicken farmer . . . It’s not the start to some off-color joke. (Or is it?) It’s not the script for the Green Acres reboot. It’s my life. Our life. Eight years ago this month, I met my hard-working He-Man of a husband, Bobby, and life has been down-home country […]

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Strangers Fed My Son for a Year

It is super fitting and kind of ironic (don’tcha think?) that I am pouring the last bag of breast milk into a bottle for my sixteen-month-old son today. You see, a year ago yesterday, I found out I had breast cancer. A few weeks later, I had to stop breastfeeding my then five month old, […]

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We Are Not That Family

We are not that family.  You know them. That family at the pumpkin patch where everyone is having an inexplicably good time despite the crowd and the blistering, ninety-five degree Alabama “fall” weather. The mom doesn’t have to raise her voice because the kids are perfect little cherubs sitting still, awaiting instruction. The husband is […]

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From a Mom Who “Used to be Hot”

We owned this summer. I mean, we totally killed it. From spending countless hours at the pool to building the mother of all playhouses in our backyard, I can look back and say we made the most of the hot Alabama summer in 2017. One of the highlights was a family trip to Alabama Splash […]

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Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Haley

Birmingham Birmingham has been home for me my entire life, except for my four years in Tuscaloosa bleeding my parents’ bank account dry on higher education, happy hour, and sorority snaps. Growing up, living in Birmingham as an adult would have been a fate worse than death. You are always more interested in wings than […]

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