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Daddy Way 1

The Daddy Way

In my experience, dads see the world differently and parent differently than moms. I don’t want to promote stereotypes. Believe me. I just want to acknowledge that we moms tend to take a more serious approach to parenthood. I mean, why wouldn’t we? We percolated a tiny human being within our own bodies, paying close […]

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Lady Bird :: A Cautionary Tale for Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters. Those relationships are the makings of memorable movie moments. Remember Sally Field forcing Julia Roberts to drink juice even as she despairs her daughter’s choice to have a baby? (Steel Magnolias). What about Debra Winger realizing that her challenging mother is the one person who can hold her family together once cancer […]

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Leaving Behind What Might Have Been

In honor of my baby boy’s 25th birthday, I wanted to share a piece of our mother-son story. Perhaps you’ll see your own little one in my grown boy, and perhaps you’ll see your own hopes reflected in mine. Whatever you may see, I hope you’ll see that my love for my boy is a […]

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Celebrating Women {Women’s History Month}

Christine Ann Wenning Byrum Lambert will not be remembered in history books. And I’m okay with that. I’m okay that I won’t cure a major disease, win a Pulitzer Prize, be the first woman to accomplish something distinctive. I’m generally happy being a mom trying to raise responsible adults with a husband who loves me. […]

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Three Wishes for Moms in the New Year

I just love stories where a magical person appears and grants wishes. Whether it is the genie for Aladdin or the fairy godmother for Cinderella, I hold hope that one day my wishes will be magically granted. Always hoping. But if a wish-granting genie is not making an appearance for me, I thought I might […]

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Ghost of Christmas Past

I wake early on Christmas morning, listening for the excited whispers of the children. “Do you think we can wake them up?” “Can we sneak downstairs?” “Do you think Santa really came?” But there are no whispers now. Just silence as our grown children sleep, sprawled on sofas and in guest bedrooms. No one wakes […]

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