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Farewell to My Weekends

A Farewell Letter to My Weekends

My Dearest Weekends, I’m writing this letter with utmost regret. I’m afraid the time has finally come to bid you adieu. I’ve been avoiding this day for as long as possible, but the tiny dictators who rule the rest of my life have decided to play soccer this spring. So, my dear old friend, we […]

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What do you do? A question some SAHMs dread.

Guilt of a Stay-at-Home Mom

“What does Mommy do?” I heard my husband innocently ask my 4-year-old son as dread washed over me awaiting his response. Such a simple question that I’ve been asked countless times before at cocktail parties and social gatherings. Not so long ago, I would confidently answer, “I’m in marketing.” The conversation would easily continue as […]

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Parenting is like a marathon, with joy and hurdles along the way.

Parenting is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

On a blustery December morning, I completed my third marathon. After feeling great the first half of the race, I started to fade and had to keep my mind busy to get me across the finish line. I began reflecting on my first full year of marathon training and what I could do differently, better next year. I also thought a […]

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Oak Mountain State Park Family Hiking Trails

Best Family-Friendly Hiking Trails in Birmingham

Sitting at the tailend of the Appalachian foothills, Birmingham, takes pride in its natural beauty and cultivated miles of trail systems. Hiking with kids, especially young ones, isn’t always easy; but fortunately, there are many family-friendly (and dog-friendly) trails around town. Irondale Furnace Trail One of the best kept secrets in Birmingham, the Irondale Furnace Trail is […]

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Mom Heroes

There Are Mom Heroes Among Us

There are Mom Heroes among us and they don’t wear capes. You see them every day. Some are in uniform or scrubs. Others are in business attire. Many are still in ketchup-stained pajamas with nursing bras and unwashed hair. Today I saw a Mom Hero outside the library. It was noon and easily 95 degrees […]

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House renovation with kids

How to Survive a Home Renovation with Kids

If you told me 10 years ago that I would purchase a complete fixer-upper and renovate it, I would have called you crazy. I like new things, shiny and clean. Yet here I am, deep in “Phase II” of our mid-century renovation. That’s right, renovating it once wasn’t enough. You see, open concept is good in theory. But as each […]

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