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Leaving Birmingham :: What I’ll Miss Most

Birmingham. B’ham, The Ham, The 205, The Magic City, Steel City . . . whatever adoring nickname you prefer, it’s a wonderful city. Recently, my family and I moved away from Birmingham, my hometown and comfort zone, to a place called Palmetto, Florida. Palmetto is almost right smack-dab in between Sarasota and Tampa on the […]

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Cliffs of Mohr

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Back in 2013, I had the opportunity to be in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. It was such a wonderful experience and now I am obsessed with all things Irish! I wrote this post to share a little bit about what St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is like! A quick history — St. Patrick was […]

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Baby Sign Language :: How I Got My Baby to Stop Screaming at Me

 I’ve seen it so many times: baby or toddler, overwhelmed by the situation and unable to communicate his or her thoughts and feelings to the parent or care-taker, commences to screaming and sobbing. Maybe they throw in some pointing or babbling, but more than likely it is just screaming. The parent or care-taker tries desperately […]

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Are Online Parties Really Helping Anyone?

I would consider myself a reserved and socially awkward extrovert. I love to go out and be in the hustle and bustle. I really enjoy just walking around Target or the mall and just being with people. And people watching. However, I hate small talk. It’s so awkward to me. I don’t know what to […]

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