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What it Means to Never Have a Daughter

“Its another boy!” I can still hear the surprise and slight disappointment in my sister’s voice as she announced the gender of my third-born child. I was already Mom to two precious boys, and this new babe was now solidifying my status as a “boy mom”. To be honest, I had never even considered the fact that […]

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The Great Santa Debate

Growing up, I never knew anyone who didn’t do Santa Claus. Yet, when I became a mom myself in 2008, and the Christmas season rolled around, I had a lot of people ask me if we were going to “do Santa” in our home. I began to put a lot of thought into the decision — […]

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The Family Closet

What the heck is a “family closet”?! Well, my friends, keep reading and let me explain to you the ins and outs of what a family closet is, and why you just might want one of your own!    The family closet is essentially an area you create to store the entire family’s clothes. For […]

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The Summer They Still Belonged to Me

Eight, six, five, and three years old — those are the ages of my four boys this summer. In some ways it seems like I have very “big kids,” and in other ways its seems like they are all still so young. They are big enough to no longer need naps, no more diaper changes […]

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It was October, but still hotter than hot in good ole Birmingham, AL. Half awake, I stumbled into my bathroom to brush my teeth and shower before my baby woke up for the day. The second the toothpaste hit my mouth, I gagged. Oh, crap …. the last time that happened …… must just be […]

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Spring Break :: Busting Out of Birmingham

  If your family is planning to pack up your bags and hit the road (or air!) this spring break, here are some quick sanity-saving tips to keep the whole family rolling along happily! First, Amazon Prime! Free shipping and items waiting on you when you arrive will get your trip started off right. Snacks, […]

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