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Julie S


Born at St. Vincents, Julie has lived in Birmingham nearly all her life, and she looks forward to meeting and connecting moms all over our community. Before having kids and co-founding Birmingham Moms Blog, she worked various jobs as a retail manager, merchandise manager, software support associate, and a recruiter. When she’s not taking care of her two young children, you can find her (sometimes) working out, singing and fellowshipping at her church, playing golf (horribly), drinking sweet tea, and taking trips with her husband, Nathan. She loves all things coffee, Gilmore Girls, Disney World, and peanut m&ms!



Jenny-Lyn was born in Decatur, grew up in Ohio, and moved to Birmingham as a teenager. Her favorite things about the South include sweet tea, the use of Sir and Ma’am, and the way people offer friendly smiles while out and about. Her favorite things about Birmingham are football, her family here, and the food. Oh, the delicious, delicious food!

Before co-founding Birmingham Moms Blog, Jenny worked as the marketing manager of a Birmingham company. She left there to work for herself while nannying part-time, enjoying a season of life that afforded her flexibility to pursue travel, one of her deepest passions. In 2013, Jenny married her *perfect for her* husband Soo-Young, and she welcomed her son Michael two years later. Her second son Jonathan was born in 2017, completing the family.

Jenny enjoys working from home, coffee with friends, small dinner parties, and traveling whenever and wherever she can. Her greatest joys come in the small, seemingly insignificant, moments of marriage, family, and motherhood, and she prefers it that way.



Betsy is a proud graduate of the University of Alabama–Roll Tide! After graduating from college, she spent 2+ years working with a Christian organization in Brazil. One of many lasting changes in Betsy’s life from this experience is the daily struggle to arrive anywhere on time! Betsy went on to pursue an MBA at Baylor University and worked for a few years afterward as a financial analyst. During this season, she met her husband, Jason, who is originally from China. They got married in 2011 and have since been blessed with two daughters, Karis {October 2013} and Constance {June 2015}. Their family also grew when their niece Ally, a teenager in high school, came from China to live with them. Betsy enjoys staying home with her daughters. When not consumed with the demands of motherhood, Betsy likes cooking, reading, spending time with friends, and dreaming about traveling the world.

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