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How to Leave the House with Children in Tow :: Keeping It Real

Do you ever feel like it takes you forever to leave the house with children? Like, you age a few years trying? Me too, Girlfriend. Here’s what happened last weekend. It’s a Saturday morning. We wake to the heavy footsteps of little giants who demand food and attention LIKE NOW. The clock strikes 6:30 a.m. […]

Mom’s a “Non-Essential” Employee :: Explaining to My Kids What That Means

“Mom, if your job isn’t essential, why do you do it?” When my gym closed for the quarantine, my kids struggled to see why I was working at all if my job wasn’t important. Ouch! Hi! My name is Andrea, and I’m an employee at a non-essential business. That stings to say. It stung when […]

Where to Find the Best Donuts in Birmingham {Celebrating National Donut Day!}

best donuts

National Donut Day is coming up this Friday, June 5th. We’ve rounded up the tastiest locally-owned donut spots to help you celebrate, and these are not your average sweet treats! Whether you prefer cake or yeast donuts, creme-filled or chocolate glazed, Birmingham bakers have it all! Where to Find the Best Donuts in Birmingham The […]

A Day in My Life :: Quarantine Edition

I’m writing this on Day 61 of self-isolation from the makeshift desk I’ve created on our dining room table. The same dining room table also currently contains a changing pad, a jigsaw puzzle, and a half-eaten shortbread cookie. This is what quarantine looks like. I’ve always been a bit of a voyeur: I love seeing […]

Tips for Saving Sanity and Money on a Road Trip with Kids

We all know a road trip with kids can sometimes take a good five years off our lives. Some of my most stressful parenting moments have involved interstates, screaming toddlers, and dropped loveys. However, after three months of quarantine, most of us are dreaming of some sort of getaway. Beaches are opening up and corona fears […]

COVID-19 Forced Us to Homeschool :: Now We Will Homeschool by Choice

Last spring, I found myself researching school options for my oldest boy, a rising kindergartener. When I say “researching,” what I really mean is obsessing over all his options as though my five year old were heading off to college. I’ve always been that type of mother who questions, researches, and drives myself (and those […]

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